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Tissue Paper Napkin Making Machine

Tissue Paper Napkin Making Machine
Embossing unit having metal to paper ball type in either full or border pattern. Electronic counting for absolute accuracy. Integrated Band Saw to cut two lanes into four stacks on delivery deck. Band saw & motor speed varies with drive. Machine having one main motor (single phase/three phase) & auxiliary motor for band saw unit. Napkin paper having width size 220 mm to 400 mm as per requirements of customer. Easy operating & Zero maintenance. The speed of the automatic paper napkin folder is controlled by the frequency drive (with cutting band saw). The counting could be varied according to the requirement. This high speed paper napkin folding machine is also fitted with static eliminator.

  • Sensor for Counting Paper
  • Reel Adjuster
  • Bandsaw cutting system of high quality.
  • Online printing registration
  • Embossing Roller of Export Quality
  • Extra Strength
  • Mild steel plates and sections are used.
  • Electrical components of the highest quality are used.
  • Parts of the machine are hard chrome.