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Aluminium Foil Rewinder

Aluminium Foil Rewinder

Aluminium Foil Rewinder
Working of the machine :
The machine is a shaft less rewinder where the operator has to load the core between the Grippers resting over the rewinding cylinder. The rewinding cylinder is especially Hard Chrome-Plated, this ensures smooth, trouble free rewinding. The machine is fitted with a electronic counter which provides information on the desired length of roll to be produced, the total production at any given point of time, memory back up in case of Power breakdown, and a high level of accuracy.

The counter-meter can be programmed in such a way that the machine, after starting, can stop automatically, after the desired length of the Aluminum Foil is rewound.

There is an A.C. frequency drive fitted in the machine which allows adjustment of the speed of the machine. This facilitates in increasing or decreasing the production rate.

Working Width 300mm / 450mm
Parent Roll Core Inner Dia 65mm / 76mm
Rewinding Speed 100mtrs / minute
Accuracy in rewinding length +/- 0.10mtr
Motor 1.00 H.P, A.C. Motor / 2.00 H.P, A.C. Motor with A.C. frequency drive
Capacity 850 Rolls of 9.00mtrs. Each in 8 hrs.
Max. Length of one Roll which can be rewound: 100mtrs (approx 1kg)
Net wt of Machine 400kg / 500kg
Space required 42"x30'x40" / 56" x40"x42"